About us.

Real Estate is always changing and on the move. Sometimes you just have to move with it. Here at GEORGIA Real Estate & Management Co. that is just what we do.

Our company was designed with yesterday’s knowledge, for today’s market, and with tomorrows future in mind.

Designed for today’s buyers and sellers, on the move and ready to move. From our website design to our phone system we have made it easy to navigate through your real estate needs. Our website provides you with access to not one but TWO Multiple Listing Service systems, meaning you have access to ALL GEORGIA counties.

Designed for today’s agents that are knowledgeable, efficient and dependable. We are dedicated to contracting agents willing to respond to ALL calls and to treat ALL clients with the very best care and service. Our agents are specialists in all areas of real estate and are willing to help each client and customer reach their dreams.

Designed to provide 24-hour assistance. When you call our office, your call will ALWAYS be answered by a human. If your agent is not available, within less than a minute the agent will receive an email stating the reason for your call along with the best way to contact YOU.

Designed to provide the very best rental services in the area. Our rental division continues to grow as we work closely with our owners and tenants to build a lasting relationship.

Are you ready?

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